Music Made For Your Special Day

One of the most important aspect of a wedding receptions is music. It sets the tone for the event and changes as distinct events occur during the evening. You want to hire a wedding band that will suit your music preference and venue.

Exactly like scary music in a film lets you know something awful will happen, music at a wedding reception allows the guests know what is going to happen next. The phases of the wedding reception include the following:  


  1. Grand Entrance 
  2. Dinner Music 
  3. First Dance 
  4. Father-Daughter Dance 
  5. Mother-Son Dance 
  6. Last Dance

The interlude music is played while the guests arrive at the reception. Soft, gentle music usually accompanies this time period while cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served. There’s general mingling of the guests, so the music shouldn’t be overpowering. 

This occurs after all the guests have arrived, and frequently the guests are seated at the main reception area. The wedding party is declared first as the guests enter the space. The newly married couple enter last and everybody cheers or claps. 

During dinner, soft music is once more played. This can be achieved with soft music being played by the DJ, or a quiet band, or maybe a harpist. People socialise during dinner and don’t want overpowering music in this time. 

The first dance from the married couple kicks off the dance part of the evening. The song choice for this dance is important. It may be slow and intimate or people do a “surprise” first dance and do something a bit funky or crazy. The dance should reflect the couple’s relationship and love for one another. Frequently, a few will learn a ballroom dance for this very special moment. 

The song is generally a slow song that’s unique to the father and daughter. The tune is generally not as romantic as the first dance song, but will be equally as significant. 

The Mother-Son dance follows the Father-Daughter dance, or occasionally both dances are combined. This is usually danced to some rather traditional slow tune and is extremely special for the mom and her son. Like the Father-Daughter dance, the song is generally not as romantic as the first dance, but is quite unique. 

Other Specific Dances 

There might be other people in your life which are extremely special for you and you might choose to honor them with a dance. Examples of these include step parents or a Mother-Daughter dance. Although any combination really can be done, you should book these special dances to the closest people in your life. 

Final Song of the Day 

The last song of the day wraps up the reception party. There are a few different directions you can go with the last song of the day. A great slow song for everyone to dance to reaffirms the love that’s in the room. Another choice is to play with an upbeat celebration song so everyone leaves on a high note. See all the bands for hire from their homepage and their song lists. The decision is all up to you!

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